Welcome, 2023.

Happy New Year, my friends! It’s been a wild few years (by few, I mean five) and other than a series that I had absolutely no time to market, I’ve been very quiet. That is changing, as I’ve been a busy little bee getting author stuff completed. Two hundred and fifty thousand+ words in an epic new fantasy release is wrapping up, and I’m so excited to share this new realm with you. My backlog is ALL getting a facelift (except The Last Valkyrie series, though that one is soon to be in audible production and is also in translations for the Italian market.) All work will be back on the shelves, and if there’s steam in it, the pages will sizzle. Which is to say, the world will burn.

As I navigate the world of social media and website management again, please be patient with me. Spare time is something I have more of these days, but by no means is it abundant. I would rather spend the bulk of my time doing what you love me for, which is creating the worlds and characters that you love. That said, I’m fully committed now to the more administrative functions of my position as an author, and I won’t neglect you moving forward. I am very sorry for that, the neglect. Those that follow me on social media probably know the very good reason I had for that, and yet, I still missed you all terribly.

And so, hello, my friends. I trust you’ve been well and that you’ve all made it through these terrible worldwide crises as best you can. Please forgive my absence while I’ve been away, and know that all of you that have been on this journey with me for all these years have been dearly missed. I have some lofty goals for 2023, I look forward to seeing if I can manifest them all by December. I fully believe I can, for the motivation I feel for my work since last quarter 2022 is in the very air I breathe once more. A muse has taken hold, and refuses to let go until I’ve made all my dreams come through. Please come along for the ride, as I change the fabric of reality.

I’m looking very forward to interacting with you all again. <3

Much Love,

Jen Sage <3 xx

Jennifer Sage

Creator of worlds, lover of all things fantasy.

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